Knowledgeable Representation In Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence generally has a terribly negative impact on everyone involved. The real, legitimate cases of domestic violence (DV) are tragic for victims as well as the child witnesses, and false claims of DV can unfairly destroy the other party's reputation, contact with the family and divorce decree provisions.

At Aharonov & Revy Family Law, LLP, our California attorneys represent Los Angeles area residents who face troubles from either side of the coin of domestic violence. Laws related to domestic violence are constantly evolving. Because so many of our clients have serious situations fitting the description of domestic violence, we make a point of staying up to date on the latest court cases and new provisions of state statutes having to do with domestic violence.

Woodland Hills · Van Nuys · Encino · Restraining Order?

Attorneys from our firm help clients who have been threatened or hurt through domestic violence to understand the ramifications of seeking a restraining order.

If you have been a victim to an abusive or threatening spouse, a restraining order could help you reach a safe and fair end to an abusive marriage, even when emotions are running high during divorce proceedings.

A restraining order will also most likely protect children when a noncustodial parent has violent tendencies. It may mean the difference between mandatory monitored visitations and a more liberal joint physical and legal custody.

Defense Against False Accusations

If, on the other hand, you have been named and targeted in a restraining order for spousal abuse or domestic abuse, you have much to lose. Our lawyers also represent clients who have been accused of domestic violence. These charges could impact you right now, and they could negatively affect aspects of your divorce decree, including:

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