Achieving Divorce Resolution Through Mediation

When parties struggle with a family law matter, most people think that you have to obtain private attorneys, go to Court and let a Judge make the decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life. At Aharonov & Revy Family Law, LLP, we know that it is more cost efficient, faster and amicable to assist you in working out a mutually agreed upon resolution of your issues. In addition to our strong litigation team, unlike most family law firms, we offer another avenue to settle cases.

Mediation: An Alternative Approach To Resolving Disputes

Several years ago, the founding partner took an interest in the process of mediation and alternative dispute resolution — effective tools for resolving cases with both parties in an amicable and informative setting. The Family Law Mediation Center, LLP was created. Unlike attorney representation, where the firm specifically represents one party and is only that party's advocate, in mediation, the attorney-mediator represents neither party. Mediation enables the parties to use one or two family law attorneys who offer unbiased options, insight, the law and most importantly years of experience to gain a clear understanding of how the courts would likely rule on the issues and help to facilitate a resolution between the parties that is specifically tailored to their concerns, their needs and their circumstances. As mediators our knowledge has enabled us to resolve almost 100 percent of the cases that we handle through mediation.

Mediation is accomplished through negotiation and discussion rather than by appearing in court and taking chances as to the outcome of your case. As a consumer you have a choice. We believe that mediation helps ease the emotional stress and a financial burdens, and enables you and your family to move forward with a healthy and positive view of the process in a much more cost-efficient manner.

As mediators with family law background and knowledge of the law, it is our role to offer both parties an explanation of their rights and obligations under the law, reasonable options on how to resolve their case, and the use of outside professional resources such as therapists, child custody evaluators, forensic accountants, real estate appraisers and tax experts, in order to properly assist the parties in reaching a settlement. The use of these experts enable the parties to obtain a clear picture of what they could be facing and options so as to maximize benefits for both parties, rather than each party hiring their own "experts". At any time during the mediation process, both parties are encouraged to seek independent counsel so that they have the opportunity to confer with an outside attorney and review any documents before they are signed.

Experienced Guidance Through The Mediation Process

Our mediators are experienced. Ellen is a certified family law mediator who took more than 60 hours of training specifically in the area of family law matters and has served as a family law judge pro tem.

Both Amir and Ellen serve as family law mediators for the Los Angeles Superior Courts. In addition, Laura serves as a family law mediator for the Ventura Superior Courts. Our firm has completed more than 150 hours of family law mediation and has settled hundreds of cases both privately and for the Los Angeles Superior Courts and Ventura Superior Courts. We have such a high success rate in resolving family law issues that the courts appoint us on a monthly basis to assist the family law judges in settling high conflict and long-term cases. In addition, Ms. Tinero* was appointed and serves on the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) family law panel. Our firm's reputation with resolving cases through mediation has led both family law judges and other family law attorneys to directly refer cases to us.

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We have successfully represented parties in resolving issues such as dissolution, post-judgment matters and individual issues that they are unable to resolve on their own or through their attorneys. Contact us at 818-995-0405 or email us to learn more about whether mediation is right for you.