Working For A Fair Division Of Marital Assets

Many people have heard that "California is a community property state" and therefore expect that all marital assets will be split 50-50 in the event of a divorce. Although, generally, this is true, there is a significant amount of room for adjustment based on certain circumstances.

In fact, Aharonov & Revy Family Law, LLP, has helped a number of clients get around the usual rules. With the help of our experienced divorce and property division attorneys, you may achieve alternative objectives that make sense in your marriage and divorce through a sensible and perhaps creative application of the laws.

We help clients through the complicated property division considerations that include:

  • Retirement accounts: We advise clients on the best way to handle their 401(k) funds and other retirement accounts in a divorce.
  • Real estate: With the challenges facing the real estate market today, special consideration should be given to how to handle real property in the asset division component of a divorce.
  • Debt: Just as assets need to be divided, so does debt. If you or your spouse is carrying significant debt, this will become an important consideration in your divorce.

Our family law attorneys are interested in helping you emerge from a divorce with your long-term interests well protected.

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