Personalized Family Law Representation

No two family law cases are the same. Some divorces are generally amicable, and other divorces involve a great deal of combativeness and acrimony. Facing divorce or other family law matters, it is important to work with a legal team that has the skill and flexibility to represent you according to your personal situation.

Our lawyers focus on providing personally tailored representation. At Aharonov & Revy Family Law, LLP, we aim to give the best possible representation for each case. Whether your case requires a conciliatory, mediated solution or aggressive litigation, our attorneys will provide personally tailored service that will meet your unique family law needs.


Mediation helps clients solve divorce-related issues through negotiation rather than in the adversarial context of the courtroom.

Our firm has completed more than 100 hours of family law mediation, settling hundreds of cases privately and for the Los Angeles Superior Court. We also receive monthly appointments to assist the family law judges in settling high-conflict, long-term cases.


In some cases, it is obvious that the parties are in no position to mediate: Either there is too much acrimony in the relationship or the issues are too complex to solve without litigation. In these cases, we offer aggressive litigation solutions, defending our clients' interests in the courtroom.

We mediate and litigate family law issues that include:

Our family law attorneys are dedicated to providing customized, personalized family law services to clients. Amir Aharonov and Laura Revy continue the tradition and enhance the capacity of the law firm in family law litigation. All of our attorneys derive great professional fulfillment through representing California clients in their family law matters.

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