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Divorce asset distribution can be financially tricky

Summer is done, and fall is here, but while some couples may be preoccupied with apple orchards and pumpkin patches this fall, others may be preoccupied with getting divorced.  After all, the fall season is often divorce season as well. Some tips may prevent a spouse who is going through divorce in California to protect his or her best interests financially.

Divorce tax planning includes paying attention to child support

Tax planning is an essential part of planning for the dissolution of a marriage. However, it is often neglected during this type of family law proceeding in Los Angeles and elsewhere. A particular aspect of divorce that requires attention as far as taxes are concerned is child support.

Annulment is different from divorce

A marital split-up in California can be emotionally and financially challenging, often leading to many questions about how to proceed. One of the first questions couples may ask is whether to file for annulments or divorces. An annulment leads to a court ruling that the couple was never actually married, whereas a divorce focuses more on splitting up marital assets.

Child custody can be tricky to navigate

Divorce can be a challenging ordeal for children, just as it is for their parents. About half of children who were born in the 1990s may face their parents' marital split-up. Fortunately, a few tips may help parents in California who are dealing with matters related to child custody to make the divorce process easier for their children to handle.

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