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Choosing divorce team members an important decision

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage may be the most challenging life experience an individual in California may have. The emotional aspect of a divorce can understandably be devastating, but the financial aspect can also be traumatizing. A couple of tips may help with navigating a divorce proceeding involving matters such as asset division.

Divorce offers multiple benefits, reasons to feel grateful

Going through a marital split-up can understandably cause distress, so thinking of reasons to be thankful may not come easy. Still, counting one's blessings may help to take some of the sting out of the divorce process. Several reasons exist for being thankful while going through divorce in California.

Prenuptial agreements can protect millennials during divorce

Getting divorced in California can be a particularly complex process for those who have been married for years and have amassed numerous assets. However, it can also be complicated for millennials, younger adults who may not have amassed as much cash and property. For this reason, prenuptial agreements can be helpful to create and sign prior to walking down the aisle.

Dads can increase chances of winning full child custody

Getting a divorce in California is understandably difficult for the spouses going through the process, but it can be just as emotionally challenging for their children as well. This is particularly true if the parents cannot agree on who will have custody of the children. Sadly for dads, court child custody decisions are typically made in favor of the mother, not the father.

Reasons to move forward with divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in California affects the whole family, not just the spouses. This is why when considering a marital split-up, a major concern that couples may have is deciding if getting divorced is truly the best choice for the children. Whether to get a divorce depends on several factors.

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