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Gray divorce can come with financial challenges

In the world today, it is very common for a marriage to end. Divorces have become culturally understandable and part of the societal standard. Since the 1990s, the divorce rate for California couples who are over the age of 50 have doubled. When older couples decide to divorce later in life, they must make choices to split assets while also working through the fact that they may incur a potential doubling of their living expenses. Moreover, if either or both parties have a retirement plan already mapped out, the result of a divorce can present several challenges.

Man ordered to pay $53K in restitution for missed child support

Deciding how to support a child or multiple children can be an unpleasant but necessary settlement between parents. Often times, parents in California have to have the courts decide the proper course of action in providing for their children. Child support orders can ensure that minors are given financial stability even when both parents no longer reside in the same home. The orders are not foolproof, though, when the party ordered to pay the support does not.

Man arrested after victim of domestic violence seeks medical help

Unhealthy relationships can be a terrifying experience to go through and, unfortunately, a hard situation to get out of. Domestic violence occurs all over the country, including California.  The progression of mistreatment is usually gradual, beginning with emotional distress that can lead to physical abuse. When a victim of domestic violence gets injured badly enough to seek medical treatment, the law then takes over to ensure public safety and justice for the victim.

Promotion may increase woman's chances of getting a divorce

No two unhappy couples in California are alike. However, in many cases, part of a two spouses' unhappiness may have to do with the professional success of the wife. This is according to a new study that revealed that women who enter their marriages either not working or earning less than their husbands do have a greater chance of going through divorce if their careers suddenly take off.

Divorce becoming messier thanks to bitcoin

Going through a marital breakup can be both emotionally and financially overwhelming. This is true no matter how long a couple has been married or what the spouses' net worth are. However, the growing popularity of the bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies has been making the divorce process even more confusing for those in California and elsewhere.

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