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Girl reported missing amid child custody dispute.

California parents would likely agree that when it comes to arguments over the custody of their children, it can be difficult to reach an agreement. Often, parents that share children but maintain separate households quickly become familiar with a court-mandated custody order.  Court orders are put into place to make clear the role of each parent, and outline what must be done to ensure that the order is obeyed. Many times, parents may be able to follow such an order in an amicable manner; sometimes, though, frustration or uncertainty can lead to a child custody dispute.

Recently, a California girl was reported missing after family members contacted police. According to the family, the child was at the center of a custody battle, to which her mother was a party. The mother had said she was taking the child out to dinner, but the pair never returned, and the family grew concerned. Authorities now believe the mother has absconded with the child. 

Though the stress of a child custody dispute can seem overwhelming, parents must be made aware that they are not allowed to take matters into their own hands in an effort to avoid a court proceeding. Disobeying a court order can lead to criminal charges, and may almost certainly frighten a child, who may not understand why a parent has chosen to break the law. As upset as a parent may be, they must remember that feelings do not entitle a person to take their child, and that an action of this nature may be considered child abduction. 

When parents find themselves in uncertain waters as they wait for a final custody order, there are steps they can take to prevent criminal charges as a result of a child custody dispute. One way to seek help in these stressful situations may be to consider the enlistment of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to explain the legal process, and help a discourage parent feel more confident when presenting their side of the case in family court.

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