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Online stalking is a type of domestic violence

California residents are probably aware that domestic violence is a nationwide problem. Most people are aware that if they suspect themselves or a loved one are victims of violence, they should seek help immediately. What many people may not know is that in addition to physical violence, there are other crimes, like online stalking, that are still potentially classified as domestic abuse. 

In June, police arrested a California man that was continuing to harass his ex-girlfriend by using electronic communications like text messages and social media. The victim told authorities that the man would message her thousands of times, despite her attempts to prevent further communication from him after the couple split. The woman said she blocked the man's number, which only led to more serious abuse on his part, as he allegedly hacked into her online accounts, some of which contained her financial information. When he continued to send the woman threatening messages, she moved to another town to try to lose contact with him once and for all, but that did not stop the abuse either. 

She decided that she had reason to fear that the abuse would only further escalate, and sought help by contacting police. She explained that after she decided to end the relationship with the man, he did not respect her decision to have no further contact with him, and began to relentlessly stalk her using online technology. After investigation, the police decided to arrest the man, and found him standing outside of the victim's residence. 

Victims of online stalking should be aware that they have a right to be free from abuse, even if the abuse is not physical. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. Sometimes, victims can benefit from the assistance of a compassionate attorney. An attorney may be able to help victim's navigate the legal process necessary to take action against an abuser and help ensure that they do not suffer further. 

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