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Police dog nabs domestic violence suspect

Domestic violence remains an enormous concern in California communities. When a victim calls for help, police do not hesitate to respond. Domestic violence situations can be dangerous for the officers that respond, because there is a risk that the suspect may continue abusing a victim, or turn his or her rage toward police who have come to help. 

Recently, California police responded to a call in which a woman told dispatchers she was the victim of domestic violence. Officers came as soon as they could, but upon arriving at the residence, they realized that the suspect was still inside and would not surrender. They were able to get the victim out safely, but still needed to apprehend her abuser. 

The police decided to send in the K-9 unit. Police dogs are specially trained to take a suspect down without sending human officers into a volatile situation. Police warned the suspect that they would deploy the dog, but he refused to surrender. The dog was able to apprehend the man, and he was taken into custody. 

When a person becomes a victim of domestic violence, he or she may not know where to turn for help. The victim may be afraid to speak about the abuse to authorities or in a court of law. Even when an abuser has been taken into custody, a victim may still feel afraid. The help of a compassionate attorney may be invaluable. An attorney can help victims find the courage to testify, and stand by their side as they begin the healing process. 

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