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Police dog nabs domestic violence suspect

Domestic violence remains an enormous concern in California communities. When a victim calls for help, police do not hesitate to respond. Domestic violence situations can be dangerous for the officers that respond, because there is a risk that the suspect may continue abusing a victim, or turn his or her rage toward police who have come to help. 

Online stalking is a type of domestic violence

California residents are probably aware that domestic violence is a nationwide problem. Most people are aware that if they suspect themselves or a loved one are victims of violence, they should seek help immediately. What many people may not know is that in addition to physical violence, there are other crimes, like online stalking, that are still potentially classified as domestic abuse. 

False accusations of domestic violence by alleged theif

California residents are likely aware that law enforcement takes reports of violent crime quite seriously. Domestic violence in particular can be a frightening situation for victims, and for police that respond to the scene. Often, police react by removing the person accused from the situation, and conduct an investigation after the fact. This method is used to ensure the immediate safety of potential victims, and prevent further incidents at the scene. 

Children put in harm's way during domestic violence incident

California is home to some of the most iconic people and places in the entire nation. While the state has plenty to boast about, it is far from immune to the types of violent crime that unfortunately occur in America every day. While most people are surely aware that domestic violence is a frightening and dangerous scenario for victims of any age, they may not think of the risk it can pose to children. 

NFL speaks out about domestic violence

California residents maintain a reputation for being some of the most passionate NFL fans in the nation. The San Francisco 49ers are a team with a legion of loyal followers. Fans often enjoy learning about their favorite players, and many players have attained celebrity status as a result of their performance on the gridiron. Sadly, some players fall from grace, and recently, 49ers player Reuben Foster found himself facing serious accusations of domestic violence

Domestic violence leads to police chase

While living in California can be a dream come true for many, the state is not immune from the sort of serious crime that continues to plague the nation as a whole. Domestic violence is one such crime. Due to it's frightening nature, victims, families and law enforcement must treat any such incident with utmost seriousness. Domestic violence is defined as aggression or violence toward a person sharing the home, often a spouse or a child. 

Domestic violence transcends stereotypes

Sadly, most California residents are aware that abuse in the home remains a serious issue in most communities. The term domestic violence can refer to physical, mental or emotional abuse. Many people may not be aware that such incidents may be occurring closer than they think.

Men can be victims of domestic violence too

Many California residents may not be aware that when it comes to abusive situations, gender is not a factor in determining who is a victim. Domestic violence laws apply to both men and women equally, and it is a common misconception that in such cases, the victim is usually female. Men can just as easily find themselves at the mercy of an abuser. 

Man arrested after victim of domestic violence seeks medical help

Unhealthy relationships can be a terrifying experience to go through and, unfortunately, a hard situation to get out of. Domestic violence occurs all over the country, including California.  The progression of mistreatment is usually gradual, beginning with emotional distress that can lead to physical abuse. When a victim of domestic violence gets injured badly enough to seek medical treatment, the law then takes over to ensure public safety and justice for the victim.

Economic abuse most common form of domestic violence

It's a problem that is typically hidden behind closed doors. Domestic violence can occur in any California neighborhood. It does not discriminate based upon age, race or even economic level. However, one thing that it does do is cause harm to all of those affected by it.

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