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Poor parenting choices can become a matter of family law

California children may belong to the fortunate group that has an extended family to love and care for them. Sometimes, when a parent makes poor choices, he or she can lose rights to physical custody of a child. In these situations, the extended family may feel the desire to make themselves available to provide guardianship for a child. Family law courts regularly hear cases involving these issues. 

Family law and politics

For many California couples, the decision to divorce is as much a financial decision as an emotional one. Decisions must be made regarding real property, personal property and even insurance in many cases. In addition to property division and child custody issues, there are a number of other family law concerns that must be considered and addressed prior to finalizing the divorce settlement.

California adoption basics

The desire to have a child can be overwhelming. For many California couples, this is a natural process; for others, having children naturally is not an option. Then there are those who can have children naturally and may already have children of their own but wish to expand their families. Whatever the reason, adoption is often the best way to complete a family and provide a much-needed forever home for a precious child.

Property division and the health savings account

Once a California couple makes the decision to divorce, it is time for them to also decide how assets should be divided. Sometimes, this is a relatively easy process, and the couple is able to agree on a property division plan according to the state's community property laws. Other times, there are multiple factors that must be considered and assistance is required in order to make informed decisions.

Property division details can help end unhappy marriage

Ending an unhappy marriage may be the best thing that a California resident can do. The days of "walking on egg shells" and disagreeing about every little detail will finally come to an end. Along with this, life as one knows it will change. To ensure that the lifestyle change holds more positives than negatives, one will want to pay close attention to the property division details during the settlement process.

California adoption basics

Many California families long to add a child to their family. For one reason or another, they wish to make this addition through the adoption process. Likewise, there are numerous children in California and elsewhere waiting for a permanent home. Additionally, there are birth parents who are unable to care for a child; however, they want the opportunity to choose the family that will raise their child.

Television star requests alimony in pending divorce

One turns on the television set and there is what appears to be a loving couple starring in their own show. They have the opportunity to work together every day, helping other families make decisions about renovating their home or selling it in order to have the home that they want. For many viewers in California and elsewhere, this couple appears to be living a dream life. According to recent reports, this life apparently is not how it appears on television as the loving couple on the screen are now discussing divorce, child custody and alimony issues.

Child custody planning in case parents can't take care of kids

Two people grow up, fall in love, have kids and live happily ever after. While this fairy tale may appear to be true in some lives, parts of it often prove to be false in many others. After the California couple has children, the living happily ever after part becomes even more important. Yet, sometimes something happens and the parents are no longer able to care for the children. In this case, who will get custody of the children can become an issue.

Property division and a California divorce

The exact numerical rate of marriages and divorces that occur among California couples is a changing number. However, what doesn't seem to change is the uncertainty and turmoil that a divorce can cause. The financial and emotional issues seem to magnify the entire situation. Perhaps one of the most important decisions to be made has to do with property division.

Mediation could be a better way to settle your family law issues

California couples are no longer restricted to sitting across a room at separate tables and allowing a judge to make decisions about their futures. They can now decide to use alternative methods of resolving their family law issues such as mediation. This allows the parties to work out their issues on their own, which -- if successful -- often ends with an agreement that the parties involved find satisfactory.

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