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NFL star embroiled in child custody dispute

California residents may have personal experience with situations in which children are shared by unmarried parents. Often called co-parenting, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an agreement detailing when and where a child will have access to each parent. In cases where the parents were never a couple, determining child custody may prove a daunting task.

Actor Brad Pitt hopeful new ruling will allow more parenting time

California residents are likely used to seeing headlines full of celebrity drama. Hollywood remains the heart of the global film and television industry, and people around the world like to keep up with their favorite stars.  Sometimes fans feel as if they can relate when big time stars face real world issues. The once iconic couple that is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have recently found themselves splashed across media outlets as the story unfolds about their heated custody dispute, in which Pitt claims he is being denied adequate parenting time by Jolie. 

Child custody dispute crosses state lines

Many California parents may be all too familiar with the type of stress that can arise from trying to come to terms with a custody order. A child custody order is put into place by the courts to detail the physical and legal and financial role each parent shall play in the lives of their mutual children. A child support order takes care of the financial aspects. Many times, these orders can alleviate disputes between parents, but when one or both parents finds themselves disinclined to accept a custody arrangement, disaster can strike. 

Girl reported missing amid child custody dispute.

California parents would likely agree that when it comes to arguments over the custody of their children, it can be difficult to reach an agreement. Often, parents that share children but maintain separate households quickly become familiar with a court-mandated custody order.  Court orders are put into place to make clear the role of each parent, and outline what must be done to ensure that the order is obeyed. Many times, parents may be able to follow such an order in an amicable manner; sometimes, though, frustration or uncertainty can lead to a child custody dispute.

Young girl missing as a result of child custody dispute

Arguably one of the most beautiful states in the nation, California is "home" to nearly 40 million people. While most are likely proud to be from the gem of the West Coast, the Golden State is certainly not immune to the sorts of stresses that affect modern day America as a whole. One of the most emotional things a parent may go through is the fright that can occur while enforcing a child custody order. 

Child custody dispute escalates to gun violence

In a state as populous as California, many residents are all too familiar with the sort of stress and strife that can stem from attempting to co-parent children who have parents that maintain separate households. Child custody can be one of the most personal and emotional situations to work out in a court of law. A child custody order is meant to assure that the needs and best interest of any children involved are served. 

Dads can increase chances of winning full child custody

Getting a divorce in California is understandably difficult for the spouses going through the process, but it can be just as emotionally challenging for their children as well. This is particularly true if the parents cannot agree on who will have custody of the children. Sadly for dads, court child custody decisions are typically made in favor of the mother, not the father.

Moving away can complicate divorce child custody arrangement

Following a divorce involving children in California, moving is not a simple affair. California law seeks to safeguard parent-child relationships and parental rights, and moving can have a major impact on such relationships and rights. For this reason, before you can move with your child after a divorce, you must provide sufficient justification to get the relocation approved by the court.

Child custody can be tricky to navigate

Divorce can be a challenging ordeal for children, just as it is for their parents. About half of children who were born in the 1990s may face their parents' marital split-up. Fortunately, a few tips may help parents in California who are dealing with matters related to child custody to make the divorce process easier for their children to handle.

Child custody case involves several essential aspects

A marital split-up is naturally tough on the spouses who have decided to go their separate ways. However, it can be just as difficult for the children who are witnessing it and are a part of it. A child custody case in California has several important aspects that affect both the parents and the children.

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